Monday, January 20, 2014

TV & Movie Guide Australia: free app for your iPad

This was always going to be a tough section to fill.

Thanks to the lack of access to the many great streaming services enjoyed in other regions around the world, were a little restricted when it comes to great streaming apps. In fact, were very restricted! Many of the big national networks have their awn apps and channels, but there's no one service that leaps out.

So were going with something that at least helps you across all channels - a good TV guide!

Even then, its tough finding one that works on a number of devices. However, we've picked eBroadcast's excellent TV & Movie Guide Australia for a couple of reasons.

Sure, ifs restriced to Android (use OzTV if you are an Apple fan), but not only do you get an excellent TV guide, with the ability to share television picks with friends., choose what channels you want to track from every station in Australia, but you can also keep across cinema times, too!

You can find session times for all cinemas in the country, keep up to date with new releases and mane previews, and get access to iMDB and official movie websites.

Not bad for a free app!

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