Thursday, February 28, 2013

The new iPad Out of the Box

With its ultra-fast A5X processor, beautiful Retina display and powerful new camera, the new iPad is the best tablet computer money can buy. Want to know more about it? Here's the low-down on this high-tech marvel.

Anyone who has seen the various videos of the iPad being shown off will already have an idea of what those dimensions will look like in your hand. Imagine holding a shiny, very slightly oversized A5 notepad and you will have a good idea of how big (or small) the iPad actually is. The weight is significantly less than even the smallest netbook!

Because the high definition Retina screen is so important to the success ofthe iPad, you would expect some serious features here, and Apple hasn't failed us.The IPS (or In Plane Switching) technology is usually only found on high-end LCD products and means that the iPad offers users an impressive viewing angle of 178 degrees. This is important because the iPad is designed to be used in a variety of non-fixed situations, unlike a laptop or netbook. Oleophobic coating? We don't want to get mired down in the chemistry ofthis, so to put it simply the glass Apple uses for the new iPad is coated with a polymer to which the oil from human skin does not adhere very well. The result? A shiny, clean and easily viewable 2048-by-1536 resolution screen.

The Accelerometer is used by the iPad to detect the current orientation and to flip the screen according ly.The ambient light sensor tells the iPad how bright the screen needs to be.

While it is safe to say that the custom-designed Apple A5X chip in the iPad isn't going to outperform a Macbook Pro CPU it does come surprisingly close, and is more than enough to handle tasks such as such as watching video, viewing photos or playing the currently available games, and it certainly outperforms anything seen so far from the competition.

Both the Wi-Fi only and the Wi-Fi +4G LTE version ofthe iPad can connect to the Internet using superbly fast 802.11 wireless when in range of a wirelesshetwork.The 4G LTE version can also connect via the 4G network at speeds of up to 42 mbps (Over 6 times the speed of a standard 3G connection) when you are out and about, so buffering is a thing of the past! The new iPad's 802.11 wireless is very fast and can easily handle most home and office connections.

Undeniably one ofthe most importantfeatures for any mobile device, the battery life on the new iPad is very impressive, considering the numerous enhancements ofthis 3rd generation model. There are few netbooks that can match the iPad's 10 hours of life without upgrading the battery pack. As with the iPhone and iPod Touch, the iPadis charged eitherthrough a power adapter or by connecting it to a PC or MAC via a USB port.

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